About Me

I was born and raised in Georgetown, TX — what used to be a small town outside of Austin. 28 years later, I am still living in the same town, although it has grown considerably.

I took a few computer classes in high school such as Computer Science, Web Mastering, and Introduction to IT (was a beta class at the time).  For the most part, I was pretty much ahead of the game.  Computer Science was all about Java which was a little outside of my scope of what I truly desired to do. I did learn a lot there with the basics of Java, but I just never had any desire to apply that knowledge.  Apart from that, my knowledge has been derived from experience, trial-and-error and Google (Forum posts, Q&As, etc.).

I graduated in 2005 in a class of around 600 seniors from Georgetown High School. During my last year of school, I began working part time with my cousin at his start-up computer repair company called Click Computers.  It was just me and him at first.  Eventually we hired on some new techs.  We quickly grew to become Georgetown’s most popular computer repair service.  We were even named the 2005 Small Business of the Year by Georgetown City of Commerce.  I did a little bit of in-shop PC repair as well as in-home calls.  Eventually we even began taking on some businesses.  This was a little bit scary for me at first, but became easier with experience.  To this day, however, I still fret over jobs that are bigger than I’ve had before.  I look at them today as a challenge instead of a fear, and that is where my knowledge derives from now.

In 2011, I left Click Computers and looked for work elsewhere, eventually landing a job as an on-site tech for Friendly Connections IT (formerly Friendly Computers).  It was a bit odd at first working for the used-to-be-competition.

At Friendly Connections IT, I worked with business clients providing on-site and remote helpdesk services.  We were working on becoming a full managed service provider and getting away from the standard break/fix model of computer repair.  We began taking on larger clients as well as more distanced clients which allowed us to rely on our remote tools to do the same job and limit our on-site presence.

In September of 2015, I felt that I was quickly outgrowing Friendly Connections IT and picked up a job at IT Freedom based in Austin, TX.  I still provide the same kind of on-site and remote helpdesk support, but in a slightly larger environment.

I have a resume posted on my Resume page that you can look at for more in-depth informatin on my skills and job experience.  Should you like to contact me for any reason, please feel free to do so from my contact page.

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